Warehouses in Kolding, Vejle and Vamdrup

Common to all of our warehouses is that they have modern facilities combined with the right management tools, which are the foundation of our warehouse concept. We provide customized logistics solutions where we analyze all requests and needs in correlation with our customers. We have competent, dedicated and experienced employees who are ready to solve your challenges.

Storage and services

H. Daugaard’s services within warehousing are a composite of value-added storage solutions where protection of the environment and reliability of delivery are paramount. Furthermore, we provide several services, which goes beyond the norm.

At our warehouse, we provide, among other things:

  • Labelling
  • Re-labelling
  • Packaging
  • Pick and pack
  • Re-packing
  • Paint toning
  • Warehouse management – min./ max.
  • Treatment of complaints of returned goods

Warehouse for dangerous goods (ADR)

We can proudly tell that H. Daugaard has Denmark’s most significant environmental approval within the storage of dangerous good (ADR) – whether it is palletized or in IBC-containers.

We have specialized in keeping dangerous goods and that is why H. Daugaard is the right logistics company to storage your dangerous goods (ADR). The requirements of the laws are very strict when keeping dangerous goods since it demands special requirements for the stock management, warehouse facilities and the education of the warehouse staff.

Our close correlation with the supervisory authority secures that our services are in accordance with existing laws and standards. We have the certificates: både ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SQAS. Our experienced and specialized employees will secure professional handling of ADR goods.

Our warehouse in Vamdrup represents more the 25,000 m2, where a big part is designed as a closed system of stormwater basins so that e.g. extinguishing water in case of fire cannot escape into the subsoil or the sewage system.

Receive a quotation on your challenges, we are ready to help!

Warehouse and distribution

Our logistics concept covers the transport of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods and products for recycling in the most efficient manner. With our modern warehouse and terminal solutions, H. Daugaard can put together the optimal logistics solution in dialogue with the customer.

We provide overall solutions where storage and other requested logistics services are completed cf. the respective agreement. Finally, yet importantly, we will secure that the distribution will be fulfilled so that our customers can have their goods delivered on time.

Our central located warehouses are located on the following addresses:

Vejle: Stålvej 1, 7100 Vejle
Vamdrup: Bavnevej 13, 6580 Vamdrup
Kolding: Dokvej 14/15, 6000 Kolding, Fænøvej 6000 Kolding samt Caspar Müllersgade, 6000 Kolding