Reflections on leadership from 15 years with H. Daugaard

Director and Partner Palle Mogensen celebrates 15 years of uninterrupted employment with H. Daugaard this year. Marking the occasion, we have asked him to reflect on his role as a leader.

”The greatest achievement is successful staff development resulting in them taking on responsibility.”

This is how Palle Mogensen, Director and co-owner of H. Daugaard, replies when asked about the most important part of the leadership role.

15 years ago, Palle returned to H. Daugaard. Back in 2006, he was given responsibility of the port activities. The following year, he accepted the offer of company partnership. Since those days, he has held the titles of “Sales Director” and “Director of rail and port activities”.

Involvement in business development has always been the largest driving force for our 15-year anniversary celebrant.

“It fills me with tremendous energy when a casual remark turns into a huge potential. One must indeed dare to seize opportunities”, he says

Solution finder

Palle Mogensen points to another feature which helps motivate him as a leader and business developer – the fact that a large part of his work life has been spent finding solutions.

“During the process, it may be hard to see a way to reach the goal. Just remember that a solution will indeed appear if you think hard. I have never been on any team that has not managed to come up with a solution”, he says.

Palle Mogensen refers to his initial remark about the importance of staff members being motivated to take responsibility.

”In terms of potential fulfillment, it is imperative that we work as a team. None of us work miracles by ourselves. We cannot create results by ourselves”, he explains.

Creating real value

Even though Palle Mogensen celebrates his 15-year work anniversary, he has worked for H. Daugaard for several years prior to his 2006 return. In 1987, he joined the company as a freight forwarding trainee. At just 24 years of age, he took over responsibility for the shipping department at H. Daugaard.

Palle Mogensen and H. Daugaard parted ways for a few years in 2000. Having racked up experience from the manufacturing industry, Palle was back with H. Daugaard from 2006.

The world has changed in many ways since those days. Today, the freight forwarding industry is experiencing a digital revolution. Overall, Palle Mogensen does not envision a revolution of how he approaches the business – the overall goal is to provide customers with real value.

“We must never be satisfied looking good on a customer spreadsheet. It shows nothing of new and more innovative ways of handling business. Real value is created through relations, and is something I will always strive to provide”, says Palle Mogensen.


Our customers say...

We are always experiencing a good and stabile service with reliable and dedicated employees. They always find a solution and they act agile

- Elopak Denmark

We experience H. Daugaard as self-driven and incredibly cooperative. Their ability to put the puzzle together for Envases Europe makes great value to our business


- Envases Europe

The key to a sovereign cooperation

Is based on trust and a strong concept that applies to both companies.
- James Hardie Europe

Aalborg Portland has trough many years been having an extremely satisfactory transport collaboration with H. Daugaard. A crucial factor to us has been that the logistics run optimally every day. Especially delivering on time, which H. Daugaard fulfil. H. Daugaard is a reliable collaborator that always finds the most optimal transport solutions with high reliability of delivery.

- Aalborg Portland